8 Steps to Knowing and Loving Yourself
8 Steps to Knowing and Loving Yourself

To love yourself, you must first admit that you don't love yourself. If you do not show yourself the tolerance that you show different people in daily life, if you knock yourself down for the slightest mistake, it means you are giving signals of not loving yourself. If you are constantly questioning your relationships, thoughts, values, and yourself, you may have trouble loving yourself. So what can you do about it?

Define Your Character

Loving yourself is knowing yourself. Recognizing your characteristics is the key to self-knowledge. You can find out what kind of personality you have by taking a self awareness (self-knowledge) test with a few questions.

·         What words do other people use to describe me?

·         What do I want other people to think of me?

·         How does someone who doesn't know me see me?

·         Which character description suits me better?

Know Your Body

Knowing your body has a close relationship with knowing your mind. Having different information about your body helps you to interpret yourself easily and accurately, to draw your boundaries and to see your competencies. At the same time, you can provide the comfort of your mind with your body in every environment you enter.

Know Your Values

Every person has their own core values. These values are the values that affect the social and business life of the person and motivate the life choices. Listing your values that help you chart your path in life allows you to realize yourself and, most importantly, to love. Moral values such as honesty, fairness and compassion are among these.

Write a Journal

Describing a day in your own words is one of the most important steps in defining your thoughts, attitudes and feelings towards events, understanding yourself and loving yourself.

Improve Your Inner Voice

In addition to journaling, what your inner voice says is very important. What you think about other people actually defines your inner world. The bad thought definitely belongs to its owner. For this reason, a person's positive or negative thoughts about himself greatly affect his life.

Finding a way to overcome the negative beliefs you think about yourself and approaching things and yourself positively will help you a lot in your journey to love yourself. Finding the source of your negative thoughts about yourself, accepting it and giving yourself love can make your thoughts positive.

To get your inner voice to tell you healing and positive beliefs, you must avoid perfectionism. It is possible to improve your inner voice by saying positive mantras to yourself..

Make Future Plans

Clinging to the past and thinking about old hurtful events can hinder your progress and self-love. Although the past is an element that allows you to get an idea about yourself, it is very important for yourself to leave it where it is and look to the future. You don't need to have a goal of saving the world. Only the thoughts of you looking to the future and wanting to realize yourself heal you.

Make Peace with Yourself by Recognizing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You can take a step to know yourself by listing or thinking about your strengths and weaknesses. The good feelings you show towards different people can help you reveal your strengths. You can ask yourself questions by focusing on the common point of your failures to learn about your weak points. When you realize all these, you can try to realize your own standards by making peace with yourself. In this way, you can develop more strengths.

Take Your Time                                           

You can get to know yourself and develop good feelings with yourself by taking only a few minutes to yourself in power. For example; by meditating, you can soften your thoughts and get in touch with your soul. Meditation can help you with self-knowledge.

Love Yourself

Behaviors such as self-knowledge, realization, and positive interpretation can all be realized with self-love. Loving yourself becomes inevitable when you accept yourself as you are.