Beginning Meditation Techniques
Beginning Meditation Techniques

If you want to start meditating, beginner-level meditation techniques can be of great help. Below are some basic techniques to begin with meditation. By using these techniques, you can achieve positive results.


         Mindfulness meditation is a practice of savoring the moment and observing your inner thoughts and feelings. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

         Close your eyes or keep them slightly open.

         Focus on your breath. Just feel your breath and watch your breath without getting caught up in thoughts.

         When you lose your focus, gently return and begin watching your breath again.

Breath Meditation

           Breath meditation is a simple meditation technique based on observing your breath.

           Close your eyes or keep them slightly open.

           Breathe deeply and slowly.

           Direct your attention to your breath with each inhale and exhale.

           Calm your mind by focusing on the rhythm of your breath.

Vocal Meditation (Mantra Meditation)

         You can meditate using a "mantra" or a repeated word or phrase.

         Sit or lie down in a relaxed position.

         Close your eyes or keep them slightly open.

         Repeat your chosen mantra silently or inwardly. You can use words like "peace," "serenity," or "gratitude."

         While saying the mantra, direct your attention to the word and reduce mental clutter.

Walking Meditation

           Meditation can be done not only by sitting but also by walking. Walking meditation can be done in nature or a quiet environment.

           Start walking slowly and focus on your steps with each step you take.

           Notice your breath and pay attention to the sounds in nature or the details in your surroundings.

           Walk slowly without getting caught up in thoughts.

Body Scan Meditation

         Body scan meditation is used to notice tension in your body and areas that need relaxation.

         Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

         Close your eyes and begin observing each part of your body from head to toe.

         Notice where you feel tension or relaxation, and try to relax.

How Long Should Beginner Meditation Last?

The duration of meditation for beginners can vary from person to person and depends on individual preferences. Especially in the beginning, you should practice meditation without making it burdensome or stressful.

For individuals new to meditation, starting with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation daily can be a good beginning. This duration may be sufficient to establish meditation as a habit and create a regular practice.

If a 10-minute session feels too long for you, you can try two separate 10-minute sessions during the day. Opportunities like a lunch break or quiet moments in the evening can be utilized for this purpose.

You may want to try longer meditation sessions once a week to experience a deeper meditation. However, these sessions don't need to be frequent but should be done consistently.

The duration of meditation should be as long as you feel comfortable. As you continue your meditation practice, you can gradually increase the duration. Listening to your inner comfort and restlessness is important.

The meditation duration can vary based on the purpose of meditation and personal preferences. In the beginning, it's important to get used to meditation and develop discipline through shorter sessions. You can then increase the duration as you progress.