Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation | How Does Mindfulness Help You?
Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation | How Does Mindfulness Help You?

Mindfulness meditation is a kind of mental training that helps you wash away the negative thoughts that drain you. In addition to clearing your mind, mindfulness meditation also calms your body and brings you to a better state in every aspect.

As its name suggests, mindfulness meditation combines meditation with mindfulness exercises. The mindfulness we are talking about here can be defined as a state of mind that helps us focus on 'the now'. When we focus on the present moment and reach certain mindfulness, we can acknowledge our thoughts, feelings, and sensations without any prejudice and self-judgment. Mindfulness meditation opens the way for us to reach this point.

There are various techniques for mindfulness meditation. The basis for this meditation lies in deep breathing and you do not need any meditation prop such as wax or oil, as some other meditation methods do. A comfortable place and a period of 3-5 minutes for you to clear your mind are the two things that are enough for you to start mindfulness meditation.

When you have all the necessary conditions set, all that remains is to focus on your breathing by sitting upright yet comfortably and not so stiff. Indeed, our goal here is not to not think of anything, but to become aware of our thoughts. You should not choose to ignore and suppress the negative thoughts the minute they come to your mind. Instead, you should stay calm and note them in your mind to consider the reasons behind them later. Try seeing the thoughts as if they were clouds passing by and feel the change they go through in your mind.

What Impacts Does Mindfulness Meditation Have on You?

Mindfulness meditation helps to disperse your negative thoughts, letting you have a better state of mind and a better physical condition. Some benefits of mindfulness meditation are as follows:

Helps Reducing Stress

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a frequently used therapeutic method that has been proven to reduce stress-induced symptoms in healthy individuals. This method also helps to reduce the effects of some other mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

Lowers Your Heart Rate

The health of your heart is directly related to your wellbeing and psychology. A study was conducted on two groups of people who were divided into groups to begin mindfulness meditation and to be traditionally treated for heart diseases. At the end of the process, people in the group to start meditation performed better in tests for cardiovascular capacity.

Improves Immunity with a Better Sleep

A 2019 study found that mindfulness meditation improves individuals ' sleep quality. This is because, with a clear mind and a better state of mind, it is easier for you to fall asleep without the negative thoughts that distract you. In addition, it is known that our immunity to diseases is usually lower when we are unhappy and thoughtful. Mindfulness meditation strengthens your immunity and makes you more resistant to diseases by bringing wellbeing into your life.