6 Ways to Practice Intermittent Fasting
6 Ways to Practice Intermittent Fasting

Most of those who want to lose weight effectively have recently turned to intermittent fasting. The number of people who prefer the intermittent fasting method to lose weight in a healthy way is increasing day by day. You can lose weight effectively with the intermittent fasting method, which has gained popularity.

Intermittent fasting includes different diet methods. As it offers many methods, you can choose the most suitable diet for you with intermittent fasting. Thanks to this method based on not eating for a long time, you can lose weight effectively in a short time.

Many people who cannot tolerate hunger think that they cannot tolerate not eating for long periods of time during dieting. Thanks to the different techniques used in the intermittent fasting diet, everyone can easily find the option suitable to their diet. In order to apply method easily, you can support your journey with the following methods.

Fasting for 12 Hours a Day

One of the most preferred methods used intermittent fasting is a 12-hour fasting diet program. The first rule of the diet is to determine the fasting intervals of 12 hours during the day. With this intermittent fasting diet, you can convert body fat into energy and start losing weight. Especially for those who try intermittent fasting for the first time, the 12-hour fasting diet method may be an ideal choice.

Fasting for 16 Hours a Day

Fasting for 16 hours a day basically consists of an 8-hour eating interval. In this method, you can eat as much as you want for 8 hours. Apart from that, it is forbidden to eat for the remaining 16 hours. It can be a difficult method for those who do not have an  experience to stay hungry for a long time. Dinner ends at 8 in this type of intermittent fasting method. After this period, you can only drink water.

Practicing Intermittent Fasting Twice a Week

Applying the intermittent fasting diet can be difficult for those who cannot stay hungry for a long time. You can apply a short-term diet to adapt to this dieting method and gain the habit. Depending on your daily life, you can choose the days you will follow the intermittent fasting diet. The 5: 2 diet can be a very easy to apply, especially for those who do not work at the weekend. In general, it can be considered ideal to apply the intermittent fasting diet two days a week.

Base the Content of Your Diet on Satiety

Staying full during the diet is one of the most challenging part for many people. Especially in the evening, you may feel hungry because your diet changes. Enriching your diet with vegetables which helps you feel full can help you adapt to the diet more easily. If you wish, you can reduce your calorie intake during the day and get help from vegetables that keep you full at night by.

Skip Meals When Available

While applying the intermittent fasting diet, you need to pay attention to some meals and food tables. Once you get used to the diet and hunger, you can skip some meals. Basically, don't focus on eating everything unless you are hungry during that time when you are allowed to eat.

Check Your Water Requirement When You Feel Hungry

Hunger in diet and normal life can often be confused with thirst. While applying the intermittent fasting diet, you may experience sudden hunger crises during the time you are fasting. To avoid this sudden urge to eat, you can increase your water consumption and try in different ways. In this sense, preparing detox juice may be a more effective method.