Cookie Policy

Dear clients, visitors of our website,

As Ifastin we attach great importance to your confidentiality, take the required precautions keeping system infrastructure of our agency at max to protect your personal data.

You can visit our website to get information about our products and services without sharing any information. Furthermore, we would like to inform you about “cookie” use designed to collect data to obtain information about the use of the website.

What is a cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file formed by the website you are visiting. A cookie is generally used to hide your settings such as choice of language or your location belonging to the related website. Therefore, the website can remember your choices and offer you content locally. A choice does not collect any data including personal data stored in your files.

Thanks to cookies we make our website user friendly and offer you personalized web pages based on your needs.

How do we use the cookies?

There are 2 types of cookies “Permanent Cookie (Persistent Cookie)” and “Temporary Cookie (Session Cookie)” based on their period of validity. Temporary cookies appear when you visit a website and stay valid until your browser is closed. Permanent Cookies appear when you visit the website and they are required to be erased or to complete their due time.

Permanent cookies are used for a personalized experience in compliance with your settings.

Cookies placed on your computer or information obtained are used for statistical analysis and security precautions. No personal data is collected via cookies.

As Ifastin we use temporary and permanent cookies on our website in order to

  • Enable your security and confidentiality,
  • Use our website’s activities in data analysis work to provide a better service for you,
  • Follow visitor information with the reliable third parties anonymously within the scope of digital marketing and advertising management.

All web browsers are pre-defined in a way to accept cookies automatically. However you can control or erase cookies as you wish. Managing cookies vary from browser to browser. For detailed information, you can check help menü of your browser.

How do you control cookies?

You can control or erase cookies as you wish. In addition, you can prevent any web browser to save or place cookies.

How can you manage cookies in web browsers?

Most web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer) enable you to carry out the following operations:

  • Monitor and erase saved cookies
  • Prevent third party cookies
  • Prevent cookies from certain websites
  • Erase all cookies when you close the web browser

If you choose to erase the cookies, your choices in the related website will be erased. In addition, if you choose to prevent all the cookies, many websites including websites belonging to Ifastin may not work properly.

Kindly submitted for your information.


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