How Is Meditation Done?
How Is Meditation Done?

The human mind can become quite full as it struggles with many events and problems throughout the day. Many people want to effectively empty their minds and focus on their lives. Most of the time, meditation is the most effective way to free the mind and relax.

In its most basic sense, meditation can be expressed as a tool that enables people to reach their mind and depths. The purpose of meditation is to provide the conditions necessary for the person to focus on his mind and to understand oneself. In this way, the person who applies some methods gains awareness and moves towards inner peace.

Although meditation has gained great popularity in recent years, it is actually known as an ancient practice. Meditation, whose effects on the human brain and emotions are still to be explored and is studied, is now routinely practiced by many people. This practice, which opens the mind of the person, brings together many advantages in terms of perspective and inner peace.

Many people who want to turn to meditation want to learn how to do this practice and how to start the process. There are some important steps you must take before starting meditation. By following the procedures below, you can learn about meditation and learn how it is practices.

Preparing for Meditation

The first step of this practice is to prepare the suitable conditions rather than meditation itself. Therefore, it would be better to meditate in a place/atmosphere where you feel most peaceful.

Although the duration of meditation varies, the person should choose a place where he/she will not be disturbed in any way.

It is useful to choose a place where there are no distractions and stimulations in your environment.

Choosing peaceful areas, such as under a tree or above a lawn, can increase the effect of meditation.

Do not forget to wear shabby clothes that will make you feel comfortable during meditation.

You can set an order by determining how long you will meditate before you actually start meditating. Usually 20 minutes are recommended for meditation.

It is always necessary to stretch before meditation to relieve tension and prepare for it. Stretching can make it easier to focus and help you close yourself to external stimuli.

Meditation is mostly performed by cross-legging or sitting on a chair.

For meditation, it is important to sit properly on the pelvis. When you have all your weight on those bones, you are ready.

Start Meditating

After taking position for meditation, you can start the procedure by focusing on your back and closing your eyes.

Before starting the procedure, you can put your hands on the lap, turn your palms up, and make the right hand above the left hand.

When trying to make it a habitual act, keeping your eyes closed during meditation contributes to your easier focus.

You can now meditate by following your breath and focusing on it. When breathing, you should feel that you are breathing with your whole body.

You can make the objects you dream of linking with the breath so that the mind focuses on the breath. For example; you can imagine the belly button movement with every breath and think of it as a coin that can rise and fall on it. After this stage, you should focus on one thing in meditation. Therefore, begin to clear your mind.

It is necessary to focus on a single word and repeat it during meditation. Because it is easy, the words “om, sat, chit, ananda” are generally preferred, so that you can empty your mind by focusing on one thing and go on a calm journey in your mind.