How to Do Mindfulness Meditation?
How to Do Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that allows you to control your mind by focusing on the subconscious and focuses on your thoughts. The person doing this meditation focuses on the thoughts and situations he is in at the time. In this way, the person becomes aware of the situation.

The person who applies the mindfulness meditation technique starts the process by accepting and realizing the current situation. The main purpose of this meditation method, in which a person looks at himself from the outside, is to reach his own essence.

There are two dimensions that you need to understand in order to be successful in this meditation technique. First of all, one starts by accepting the environment and situations that one is in during meditation. In the second dimension, he tries to gains awareness and understands it. Recognizing and accepting the situation is the essence of mindfulness meditation.

Many people who want to add a different meaning to their life with meditation want to know about all the stages. If you are wondering how to do mindfulness meditation, you can follow the steps below.

Breathing with Mindfulness

To begin mindfulness meditation, first sit up straight where you are. If the environment is suitable, leave your head up and your shoulders open. Finally, you can start the practice by setting a confident posture.

Start exercising the way you normally breathe in daily life. While breathing, focus on your physical sensations.

Your mind may focus elsewhere during mindfulness meditation. At such moments, continue the practice from where you left off with a small smile and breathing exercise.

It is beneficial to breathe naturally while inhaling and exhaling. Therefore, do not make an effort to change your breathing routine.

Observing the Body with Mindfulness

Become aware of your body as a whole during meditation and look at yourself with a broader perception. Observe the reflection of each movement you make during the practice on your body.

As time passes, various changes will be seen in your body as you meditate. Remember to gently refocus your body when your attention is diverted in mindfulness meditation.

If you feel discomfort in any part of your body while meditating, you can direct your attention to that area. At the same time, imagine your breathing goes through that area.

Listening to Sounds with Mindfulness

Be sensitive to sounds while meditating and feel how sounds affect your mind. In the meantime, do not forget to focus on the loudness, treble and clarity of the sounds.

During the time you meditate, the sounds will change, so focus on noticing these changes. Then focus on silence and listen to the silence there.

Keep your attention on the sounds and wait for the sounds to come to you and be patient.


Expanding Your Awareness with Mindfulness

In the final stage of mindfulness meditation, focus on where your attention is more predominant. Your focus may be on the sound, the body, or anything else around.

Your attention may shift elsewhere during practice. At such moments, you can focus on your breathing without disturbing the meditation.

Become aware of your entire body and environment to expand your awareness. Begin noticing all of your feelings, your body and everything in the process.

The final stage of meditation can be a little difficult. In the meantime, don't forget to stay focused, keep going as far as you can.