How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting?
How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting can be defined as diet rather than going on a diet to trim yourself down. It acts in a different system than conventional diet and weight loss programs. At certain times of the day, there is only fluid intake without eating any food. Normal nutritional routine remains the same outside the fasting hours. With intermittent fasting, the aim is to make the metabolism work faster and thus lose weight.

The concept of intermittent fasting may bring along some different routines and requirements compared to the common fasting. In its most basic sense, the concept of intermittent fasting is a process that takes place in a shorter time compared to the traditional fasting. Intermittent fasting is known as the 8-hour fasting among people. Especially many people who want to lose weight and adopt a new philosophy turn intermittent fasting into a routine. Those, who often have difficulty dieting, lose weight more effectively and faster thanks to this concept.

When applied regularly and patiently, intermittent fasting allows you to lose weight effectively. In general, it is possible to effectively lose weight and stay fit by applying this method for 3 weeks. Depending on your patience and the way you follow the fast, the weight you lose with this method may vary.

Since classical diet methods and diet lists bore many people, the number of people looking for special methods is quite high. Many people looking for a different and specific approach say they have lost weight effectively with the intermittent fasting method. As long as you follow the rules, it is possible to update the weight you will lose with the intermittent fasting method as 15 kg for 3 weeks.

Anyone who has heard of various information and methods about intermittent fasting seeks for an appropriate diet list. While applying this diet, it is necessary to pay attention to the concept of time as well as the eating and drinking regime. It is beneficial to follow this diet 3 days a week to lose weight with intermittent fasting.

The basis of this diet method is to find the right time. For this reason, the person is quite free to eat for 8 hours. However, it may be healthier to stay away from high-fat and calorie foods during this period.

A Sample Diet List for Intermittent Fasting

When you wake up in the morning

• You can choose one of the types of beverages such as green tea, coffee, and detox juices.


• You can consume wheat cereal or milk.

• You can drink a banana smoothie.

• You can eat boiled eggs and toast.


• You can have cucumber and watermelon salad.

• You can consume 4 almonds.


• You can consume vegetables with baked fish and eat yoghurt with it.

• Alternatively, you can choose tuna fish and fresh fruit juice.

After lunch (snack)

• 1 dark chocolate

• 1 orange or apple can be preferred.

Evening snack

• A small bowl of popcorn or boiled potatoes


• Grilled vegetables / chicken kebab + pudding

• Lentil soup + fruit pudding

• Vegetable lasagna + cucumber juice