How to Meditate in Nature?
How to Meditate in Nature?

Meditation is a spiritual purification technique that ensures the union of mind and soul applied in many cultures and religions. Meditation is a tool that helps us cope with stress, strengthen body health, improve chronic pain, and be a calmer person. When meditation is done regularly, it provides a relaxing effect and people can be relieved of the stress of daily life with meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an action that derives from the Latin word meditatio and provides the meaning of "contemplation" in Western languages ​​as a word. This method, which allows the person to have inner peace and reach his / her own existence and to control the mind, can be defined as meditation. Today, different belief systems, sects and schools interpret meditation differently and implement it in different ways. In this respect, it is not possible to talk about a standard or single version of meditation practiced in the world.

How is Meditation Done?

The aim in meditation is to relax and to clear the mind. It is aimed to reach awareness by focusing on deep thinking. In this vein, before starting meditation, some preparations can be made and relaxation can be provided. For this, you can take a shower and relax before meditating. It will make you more comfortable to wear comfortable clothes for meditation after taking a shower.

While preparing for meditation, candles or incense can be burned and the environment can be made ready to promote concentration. By consuming green tea or relaxing herbal teas before meditation, you can both increase concentration and feel good. During meditation, you should turn off your phone or computer so that your concentration does not get disturbed, and you should focus only on meditation.

Meditation in Nature

Due to human nature, he/she feels happy and peaceful in nature. It can be an unforgettable experience for you to calm down and have a peaceful moment among the trees and bird chirps. This can become even more attractive and special for those who live in the city and in the constant crowd and people who cannot often come together with nature.

Meditation and spiritual awareness by integrating with nature will make you more comfortable and peaceful. Take a meditation position by first sitting upright amidst the quiet and peaceful nature. Then start breathing slowly. Just focus on that moment in your mind. Don't think of anything else. Scan your body, making sure your body is upright, and help every part of your body relax completely.

It is very important that you do not have a tense point on your body. When you come to a tense point while reviewing your body, try to relax that area. However, we can forget about the chin. However, the chin also needs to be relaxed. Therefore, do not forget to loosen the chin.

After you have completed the relaxation process, focus on the thoughts in your head. At first, the things you will do will confuse you. Things to do, actions and responsibilities may not leave you alone. But get rid of these thoughts and focus only on nature and silence. Feel that you are at peace in nature. Capture the uniqueness and peace of nature. Feel the peace and tranquility within you and immerse yourself in that moment.