Intermittent Fasting and Exercise
Intermittent Fasting and Exercise

Intermittent fasting is one of the new generation diets that has become very popular in recent years. This diet, which has common features with fasting, is an easily applicable and sustainable diet. The activity and meal patterns during the day are very similar to the common fasting model. Many people think that intermittent fasting has various prohibitions like the traditional one. However, intermittent fasting offers flexible rules on some points and strict rules on others.

The first thing that a person who starts this diet should do is to continue intermittent fasting patiently. Many of those who patiently continue intermittent fasting may soon begin to see the effects of the diet. Generally, you should regularly practice at least 3 days a week for this fasting diet. Many people want to lose a noticeable amount of weight in a short time by simply changing their diet. However, supporting your diet with exercise is very important for the intermittent fasting diet to be more effective and to get results in a short time.

Supporting your diet with exercise and different sports suitable for intermittent fasting is important in terms of reaching the weight you want in a specified time. Generally, intermittent fasting is applied as 16: 8 or 5: 2. Since the time you eat varies according to the fasting style you prefer, you can adjust your exercises accordingly. Many people aim to burn more fat by exercising when not eating. This method technically helps you burn more fat, but can be tiresome in view of your health. Tiring the body by exercise, which has been hungry for a long time may cause you to be exhausted.

For this reason, the duration, type and time of the exercise are of great importance in intermittent fasting. Exercising during the 8-hour interval when eating-drinking is allowed will be much healthier. You can contribute more to your intermittent fasting by focusing on exercises while you are not weakened. You can try the following fitness methods to effectively lose weight and stay fit during your intermittent fasting.

Set the time of exercise according to the fasting time

In this method, which allows you to fast in many ways, you may want to exercise to achieve a fit appearance. At this point, it is necessary to adjust the exercise program according to the intermittent fasting time you prefer. You can set details about the type and duration of exercise and when it will be done according to this time. If you are using the 16: 8 method, you can be active during the hours you eat. Since there are many types of fasting, you can set the time interval according to the load of exercise.

Start with simple exercises

When you first start intermittent fasting, adding a heavy exercise on top of hunger can be challenging. Instead, you can choose simple walks, jogging, or exercises that can be done at home.

Try heavy exercises based on your resistance

After getting used to intermittent fasting, many people focus on exercise to achieve effective results. After recognizing your body and your limits, you can switch to heavy movements and increase the number of sets.

Choose activities like cycling and swimming

Everyone's reaction to the intermittent fasting method may be different. If you are adapting to the intermittent fasting method more energetically and calmly, you can increase fat burning by choosing to swim. You can achieve a fit appearance with intermittent fasting by trying vigorous activities such as cycling.