Meditation Techniques
Meditation Techniques

Meditation is scientifically accepted to have a relaxing effect on the human mind. Especially nowadays with increasing stress, many people see meditation as an antidote to this problem. Thanks to the healing effect of meditation, you can reach mental and spiritual comfort.

Meditation is a method that you can easily apply and relax in the fast flow of daily life. In general, many people want to practice it regularly after getting acquainted with the healing effect of meditation. You can easily do meditation, whichever type you choose, at any time of the day. You can choose meditation for an effective rest, especially after a busy day.

In general, many people who start meditating wonder how often they should do it. In meditation practice, you do not need to repeat all the time. However, regular meditation contributes positively to you in many areas, especially in social and business life.

It is possible to do meditation almost in any environments, in the comfort of your home. Many people looking for different types and techniques of meditation may wish to see the peace they experience in all of them. You can decide what works best for you by trying the following types of meditation.

Focused Meditation

Meditation is based on focus and feeling. This aspect, which you encounter in different types of meditation, in fact, has a large place in focus meditation. Closing your eyes is very important in terms of focus while practicing this type of meditation. With focus, you can put aside all the thoughts that distract you. This way, you can choose the object you want to focus on and start meditating.

The hardest part for beginners to meditate is focusing. While you are practicing, you may feel that you are moving away from what you have focused for many reasons. In the meantime, you have to get out of the distraction and start the meditation practice from the very beginning. Starting over without giving up is the first rule of thumb for getting used to meditation and focusing.

Mindfulness Meditation

In general, mindfulness meditation comes up with many names. Although the name has changed, the basis of this meditation is to focus on the breath. Mindfulness meditation increases your awareness of your surroundings, your breathing, and the current state. If you learn to focus, you can easily adapt to mindfulness meditation.

The first requirement of mindfulness meditation is to follow your breathing. Following and feeling your breathing increases your awareness. In this way, you can gain awareness in many points of your life with a single breath.

While doing this meditation, thinking about a specific problem, evaluating yourself, helps mindfulness meditation achieve its purpose. Mindfulness meditation is a frequently preferred method especially for problems such as stress management and panic attacks.

Transcendental meditation

The transcendental meditation technique is known as a type born with the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The purpose of this meditation is to focus on the mind and awareness. In the transcendental meditation method, it is aimed to transform the mind into an independent state without any control. With this method, the mind moves to a different dimension and gains a different and free identity.

Although the practice of transcendental meditation is difficult, it is a technique that is widely followed today. You can always apply this meditation method regardless of time and space. Generally, transcendental meditation is recommended to be practiced twice a day for 20 minutes.