Weekly Ketogenic Diet List
Weekly Ketogenic Diet List

The ketogenic diet, which has increasingly become important in recent years, is among the first choices of many people. This diet, which comes across with a different diet plan and amount, is separated from other diet plans for many reasons. In its most basic sense, the ketogenic diet is based on low carbohydrate intake. The amount of carbohydrates in the diet list of those who follow this diet is kept at a very low level.

The ketogenic diet is an effective diet plan for both those who want to lose weight and those who have various health problems. In the ketogenic diet, where carbohydrates are kept to a minimum, protein and fat-containing foods are added instead of energy.

There are many methods for the ketogenic diet, in which the diet is radically changed. In general, the diet list applied may differ according to the purpose of the diet. Those looking for recommendation about a weekly ketogenic diet list they can follow can consider the following options.

Day 1 Sample Menu

Breakfast: Tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, 8-10 green vegetables or black olives, 2 matchboxes of fatty cheese.

Lunch: 100-150 gr fish or chicken meat, green salad as much as desired.

Dinner: 100-150 g of turkey, unlimited green salad with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Day 2 Sample Menu

Breakfast: 1 avocado or 5 walnuts, 1 matchbox of feta cheese, a green salad with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Lunch: 150-200 gr lamb chops, 100-150 gr red fruit (you can choose according to your preference.)

Dinner: 150-200 g of boiled turkey, green salad, 100 g of pumpkin seeds.

Day 2 Sample Menu

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 avocado or 5 walnuts, 2 slices of feta cheese.

Lunch: 150-200 gr doner, green salad (unlimited)

Dinner: 150-200 g of boiled turkey, green salad unlimited, 1 handful of pumpkin seeds.

Day 4 Sample Menu

Breakfast: 2 matchboxes of cheese (the type of cheese you desire), 10 black or green olives, 5 walnuts, green leafy vegetable salad (unlimited)

Lunch: 150 g red meat tenderloin prepared in butter, unlimited green leafy salad (lemon and 2 tablespoons of olive oil can be added to the salad)

Dinner: 150 gr grilled meatballs, green leafy salad (unlimited)

The diet list above is planned for 4 days. The person following the ketogenic diet can choose from this four-day diet list. In this way, you can turn the ketogenic diet into a weekly program.

How Long Should the Ketogenic Diet Be Applied?

The ketogenic diet is often preferred by those who want to follow a healthy diet and lose weight. In addition, there may be various illnesses that require dieting according to this diet method. Many people wonder how long the ketogenic diet can be followed. The ketogenic diet is a very suitable method, especially for those who want to reach an ideal weight.

Everyone who makes the ketogenic diet a routine wants to apply it on a long-term basis. If you wish, you can turn the ketogenic diet into a routine diet plan and apply it regularly.