What Are The Best Places For Meditation?
What Are The Best Places For Meditation?

Meditation is a healing method that has become widespread especially in recent years and aims to control the mind and body. With meditation, both body and mind are relaxed. Meditation, which provides relaxation by reducing the stress, tension and anger attacks caused by the hustle of daily life, and at the same time helping us to discover ourselves more closely, appeals to people of all ages.

Meditation has a healing effect both mentally and physically. Meditation helps the mind to remain calm and peaceful. Meditation, which allows you to discover yourself and go on an inner journey, aims to control and sooth the mind.

Choosing a Place for Meditation

Selection of Place

In order to be able to meditate, first of all, the environment you choose should be a quiet and calm. In meditation, the purpose is to empty the mind by getting rid of all thoughts and to focus only on that moment. Therefore, the slightest noise from outside will distract your concentration. The fact that the room is not used much will prevent interruption of meditation.

A room that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed can be chosen for meditation. If the room you choose is a room you use in your daily life, you can create a small meditation corner in the room. Or, if you have the opportunity, you can choose an area that overlooks the garden or a natural environment.

You can also meditate in a peaceful atmosphere in nature. Nature and a peaceful environment will make you happy to meditate. If you do not have the opportunity to have such a place around, pictures of peaceful nature will also help you feel close to nature.

Decorating the Space

Meditation aims to get rid of the clutter in the mind. Therefore, the meditated space should not be messy as well. Also, it is important to have a minimum number of items in the area to be meditated. This is because many things are mind-straining. The space should be decorated with a minimum of items so that your concentration is not disturbed during meditation.

Cushions, rugs, peaceful flowers and potted plants to be used in the meditating atmosphere are items that will give you comfort and peace. Apart from that, if you have something that you think gives peace, you can keep it with you. You can use a mat for meditation, if available.


It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting when arranging the place where you will meditate. If you are meditating during daylight hours, a light that you can take advantage of will be good for you. In the evening, you can create a dim environment with less lighting.

Interaction with Nature

It is healing and relaxing due to its nature. It is not possible to constantly meditate in natural environments. However, using pieces of nature in meditation will give you peace of mind. Potted plants and flowers will positively affect the energy of the space. It will also prevent you from getting distracted.

The Healing Power of Music

Taking advantage of relaxing and soothing meditation music will help you relax. If bird chirps, wind sounds and ocean waves take place in the background when meditating, distraction is avoided. To avoid distraction, you should pay attention to the music playing when you are meditating.


Including aromatherapy oils in your meditation area will help you relax. Taking advantage of essential oils obtained from the essence of plants such as lavender, rosemary, orange, clove and making a place for scented candles will make your meditation session more effective.