What is Breath Meditation?
What is Breath Meditation?

Breath is always important for meditation. You may be distracted while meditating. Breathing is usually done involuntarily during the day. In other words, people often do not even realize that they are breathing.

Meditation, on the other hand, is based on creating one's own consciousness, as it requires a special awareness. In this way, breathing is an extremely important factor for a person to realize himself.

Thanks to the breathing meditation, the person first realizes that he is breathing and feels his other limbs as well as his breathing. It becomes easier for him to fully and accurately penetrate the thoughts in his mind. In other words, controlling the breath also means controlling all thoughts and the body. Therefore, breathing meditation is a prerequisite for effective meditation.

How to Do Breathing Meditation?

Breathing meditation is not difficult. Breathing meditation can be done by following just a few steps.

While doing breathing meditation, firstly, it is necessary to lie on the floor on the back, and by closing the eyes, the perception is desensitized to external factors. At the same time, closing the eyes is also important for reaching the inner journey. After standing in this position for a certain period of time, it will be noticed that the brain waves slow down. However, one must be careful at this point not to fall asleep. Because, after doing these movements, the sleepiness of the person will also increase.

Continue the meditation by breathing deeply. It is important to take diaphragmatic breathing through the nose so that the entire abdomen swells. During this time, the eyes and mouth should be kept tightly closed. Hands should be on the abdomen or on either side. If you have just started working, it will be important to keep your hands on your stomach in order to control your breathing better.

Then, when the diaphragm is fully inflated, the inhaled breath should be released slowly from the mouth and continue to exhale until all the breath is exhaled. The important point here lies in the equal inhalation and exhalation time. If an imbalance occurs during breathing, there will be no effective breathing work. After the exhalation, the diaphragm should be filled again by breathing deeply through the nose at the same speed without waiting.

This process should be repeated in the same way for at least 20 minutes. It can be useful to set an alarm to find the exact 20 minutes. Each inhale and exhale must be controlled during all these actions. Counting should be counted while exhaling, not while inhaling. Thus, it will be easier to focus.

It will be very important to focus on one point in your body while breathing. In this way, you will begin to realize yourself. Thus, you can do a more qualified meditation. You must continue to breathe by continuing to breathe on each point and becoming aware of that area. By following these methods, you will have a successful breathing meditation.