What is Chakra Meditation?
What is Chakra Meditation?

Balancing the energy is crucial in chakra meditation. Energy circulates in our body just as blood circulates in our body. When the energy does not flow properly, physical and mental illnesses may occur. Therefore, energy flow can be ensured properly with chakra meditation. So, how to do chakra meditation?

What is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning cycle. Chakras are described as wheel-like energy centers that cannot be distinguished physically but belong to a spiritual body. Chakra is crucial in terms of connecting the body with the soul and meeting its spiritual needs.

Chakra meditation is to ensure the smooth flow of energy in our body. Here the aim is to open all our senses, to be consciously awake and to allow the energy to travel freely in our body.

Meditation provides important contributions to people in terms of personal development and self-knowledge. The individual's physical well-being is largely an indicator of internal healing. By applying chakra meditation, it helps the body relax and heal the problematic areas in terms of health. Therefore, chakra meditation anywhere in the body will contribute to the healing of the body.

You can prepare the body and mind by doing a simple chakra meditation for the day. Meditation is not just lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair. By connecting with the mind in any place and moment, you can apply chakra meditation to yourself in that moment.

How to Do Chakra Meditation?

For chakra meditation, you must first prepare your environment. For this, you can take a shower and wear comfortable clothes. You should move to an area where you can take time for yourself and meditate comfortably. It is very important for this area to be an area where you will not be disturbed.

Find a comfortable sitting position for yourself. You can sit with your spine straight. Having a straight spine is essential for regulating breathing. You can fold your hands in front of you with your chin pointing very slightly down and place your knees upside down. Prepare your shoulders comfortably for the position, do not strain your chin. Control your whole body. Do not change your body during meditation and experience concentration disorders.

Think and feel this thought first, as the goal in meditation is to balance all the energy centers of the body. Pay attention to your breathing during meditation. Take a deep breath and stop for a second. Give your breath back. Slow down your breathing and set it in a certain rhythm frame.

Imagine that your lungs and heart chakra are filled with light with each breath you take. Feel this light radiating from your heart into your cells and into your aura. You can choose the color light depending on your current mood. Imagine this light coming from the sun shining towards you. You can cleanse your entire chakra by bringing this bright light down one by one, starting from your crown chakra.

Take a look at your crown chakra in your mind. You can think of your stone chakra as a propeller or flower. Feel the vitality of all cells, organs, tissues and physical organs related to the chakra in your body. Perform this cleansing process on each chakra. As a result, you will see that the energy flows to every part of your body and you feel good.