What is Mandala Meditation?
What is Mandala Meditation?

Meditation is a healing method that helps to control and calm the mind and body. With meditation, the body and mind are relaxed. It reduces the stress, tension and tantrums brought by life. At the same time, meditation, which allows you to discover yourself, helps people to feel more comfortable and peaceful.

There are many types of meditation. You can meditate by choosing the most suitable meditation method for you. Mandala meditation is one of these types of meditation. Mandala meditation includes compositions that are thought to represent the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Mandalas are drawings that contain different shapes and are believed to contain some secrets of the universe.

The goal in mandala meditation is to free the mind. Mandala meditation focuses only on these drawings. In this meditation, the focus is on the shape, trying to stay in the moment and only think about the shape. The purpose of this meditation is to stay in the moment and observe the shape.

Mandalas are drawings created symmetrically, starting from the center point of certain geometric drawings. Mandala drawings are phenomena that symbolize the life cycle. Mandala is practiced in order for man to form a unity with the universe.

Mandala is drawn with deep concentration. Therefore, while drawing a mandala, the mind becomes calm and clear, and inner peace increases. The hustle and bustle of daily life, stressful and brisk flow slows down with mandala and clears the mind.

With the calming and therapeutic aspects of mandala meditation, you can get rid of the stress and tension you experience in your daily life, and regain your attention more easily and longer. At the same time, you can learn calmness and composure, and get the chance to discover your own creative world.

How to Do Mandala Meditation?

Mandala meditation can be practiced accompanied by music and painting mandala shapes. Painting detailed drawings will cause your mind to focus and become clear.

As you begin the Mandala meditation, first breathe in and out a few times. Focus on your breathing and relax. After you relax, slowly start looking at the mandala. Try to focus only on that moment while looking. Try to think about the mandala. The mind which remains only in that moment will slowly begin to be cleared and calm down.

If you want to draw a mandala, take a blank page and colored crayons with you and prepare some soothing music.

Focus the work on a purpose. Prepare yourself to reflect on your purpose. Calm down and relax by taking deep breaths. Breathing exercises prepare you for meditation and allow you to calm down. Thus, you prepare yourself for the mandala meditation.

When you are mentally and spiritually ready, prepare the colors you will use in the figure and focus only on your purpose and the moment when you start drawing and painting. Just stay in the moment and start thinking about the mandala. When you are distracted in drawing, it is best to take a break. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself again by taking deep breaths.

After completing the mandala, you can put the mandala in an area where you can remember what you were thinking at that moment. Thus, you return to the moment of the mandala.