What is Mindfulness Meditation?
What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation, in its simplest sense, is a form of practice that focuses on the subconscious. In this type of meditation, a person begins to become aware by focusing on the realities he is experiencing at that moment. This state of awareness is revealed in the form of mindfulness meditation. A person who becomes aware of the current thoughts and situations during meditation accepts what it is without judgment throughout the meditation. Mindfulness and acceptance form the basis of mindfulness meditation.

There are two dimensions to be understood in the mindfulness meditation technique. This first dimension consists of being aware of the situation and events that the person is in at that moment. In the second dimension, the person tries to comprehend what the awareness he has gained means. In general, mindfulness meditation consists of a synthesis of becoming aware of the situation and accepting it as it is.

In general, many people think that awareness meditation and mindfulness meditation are the same. Although awareness comes to the fore in both, mindfulness differs from awareness meditation with its many features.

In mindfulness meditation, one's goal is to manage the direction of attention. This is often likened to adjusting the direction of the steering wheel while driving. Opening one's perceptions at the highest level while doing this meditation is important for success. With the clarity of perception, it is necessary to accept the thoughts that pass through the mind, what the body feels and all the events taking place around it, without questioning it.

How to Do Mindfulness Meditation?

With mindfulness meditation, the person focuses on the parts of his mind that he/she will notice and manage. You can follow the steps below for mindfulness meditation that everyone can do easily.

First, sit up straight and keep your head up if you can. After this step, make sure that your shoulders are in an open and confident posture.

You can focus on your physical sensations by breathing normally as usual. Focus on feeling your body as you breathe in and identifying where you breathe.

Your mind may focus elsewhere or encounter different thoughts during meditation. In the meantime, smile and continue your breathing movements in a gentle way. Remember that trying to focus again without giving up in meditation is the most important step to success.

Become aware of yourself and those around you during meditation. Try to focus as if you are watching all your feelings and body with an outside eye.

Be sensitive to the sounds around you during mindfulness meditation. Observe the change by focusing on the loudness and quality.

During meditation, keep your attention on the sound, focusing on the silence within the sounds. Then move away from the sounds and focus on your inner world.

While concentrating on your thoughts, put your own existence aside and examine it with an outside eye. In the meantime, realize that your thoughts are just thoughts and be aware that they are not the same as reality.

Then focus on your surroundings to expand awareness. In the meantime, examine your feelings, the surrounding smells, everything around.

To begin with, mindfulness exercise may be a bit difficult and you may have trouble focusing. In the meantime, try to practice the meditation steps again without forcing yourself. By focusing on your probability of success, you can achieve the goal of meditation.