What is the Ketogenic Diet?
What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Every person may be looking for different dietary methods to reach the ideal weight they dream of. People who often combine sports and diet may not lose weight in some periods. In general, the weight loss process takes place with consistent and correct steps. For this reason, frequent mistakes in dieting may result in extra weight gain.

In general, most people now resort to methods to lose weight by changing their diet. Ketogenic diet, which has become popular in recent years, is one of these methods. You may have seen the concept of ketogenic diet before in the treatment of various diseases. Nowadays, the ketogenic diet is frequently used for dietary purposes.

Foods taken in the ketogenic diet and their values ​​are quite different compared to other methods. Those who want to lose weight with the ketogenic diet program are given foods with low carbohydrate content. At the same time, foods with medium protein content and very high fat content are added to this diet list. Studies on the ketogenic diet have also revealed that it reduces the risk of some diseases. In this way, you can be both healthy and fit with a ketogenic diet.

It is more difficult to adhere to and maintain a ketogenic diet plan compared to others. Therefore, when you decide on a ketogenic diet, you should seek professional support. Since this diet plan is challenging, it is useful to be under the supervision of a healthcare professional throughout the application.

In the ketogenic diet method, many things that should be avoided in a normal healthy eating plan are here as a source of energy. It is very difficult to comply with this diet list, which offers a dense consumption of fat and protein, and to make it sustainable for life.

On the ketogenic diet, where many foods are prohibited in terms of carbohydrates, you should stay away from many things. Fatty diets in the ketogenic diet include high fat content such as clotted cream, cream, and mayonnaise. It can be a very difficult start, especially for those who have not consumed such foods high in fat in their previous life.

How to Plan Ketogenic Diets?

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular methods with its different diet and amount. It is one of the diets that those who are fed with fatty and protein foods can easily adapt. When it comes to the ketogenic diet, everyone wonders how and according to what particulars the planning is done. In general, the ratio of nutrient amounts to one another is predetermined when calculating the ketogenic diet content.

In cases such as ketogenic diet calculation, ratios such as 5/1, 4/1, 3/1, 2/1, 1/1 are preferred. This calculation system expresses the ratio of the total amount of fat in the diet list to the total carbohydrate and protein. If a diet plan has been prepared with a 4/1 ratio, it is observed that the highest fat ratio is used here.

4/1 system application with high oil ratio is known as the most difficult level. Before the person starts the ketogenic diet, various tests are performed and their values ​​are examined. The specialist then makes the appropriate calculations according to the person's condition and the rates in the ketogenic diet list are determined.