How Should Diabetics Be Fed?
How Should Diabetics Be Fed?

Diabetes is one of the diseases that cause death in the world. Diabetes can be caused by genetic factors as well as overweight, unhealthy nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. By creating a healthy eating plan and doing daily exercises you can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes.

With diabetes treatment, it is aimed to prevent or delay health problems that may occur in the short or long term by keeping your blood sugar level within normal limits. It is necessary to use the drugs recommended by doctors on a regular basis. In addition, the acquisition of healthy eating habits by reducing the use of sugar is extremely important in the treatment of this disease. All right; how should healthy eating with diabetes?

Nutritional Advice for Diabetics

Nutrition is extremely important in diabetic patients in order to live healthily with diabetes. This nutrition list, which we can also call the diabetes diet should be rich in nutritious foods. At the same time it is very important that they have a low fat and carbohydrate content and fruit-heavy diets. In addition to these taking care to move for the day will also be useful in the treatment process.

Thanks to the nutrition list of diabetic patients, it supports the patients to keep to blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat ratio within the desired limits. On the other hand the question of “what foods can I eat if I have diabetes” is wondered by many people. Diabetics should pay attention to the following issues when creating a nutrition list:

         Care should taken not to hungry for a long time. You should create your nutrition list in the from of 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

         Especially in the main meals it will be useful consume meat, vegetables, milk, grain products together.

         You should take care not to include carbohydrates and foods with high fat in your nutrition list.

         Instead of white bread, brown bread, rye bread or bran bread can be consumed.

         You can consume at least 2 servings of dry legume dishes such as dried beans, chickpeas, lentils per week.

         You should pay attention to the fact that the foods consumed at meals are rich pulp.

         Choosing vegetables, grain bread or other grain foods such as lentils, chickpeas, bulgur at every meal will help the wedge and increase bowel moments.

         Care should be taken not to skip snacks. You can choose to consume milk, yogurt and ayran with fruit in snacks.

         Animal foods such as meat, chicken, fish should be cooked and consumed boiling steaming method by taking skin and fat. Frying type foods should be avoided.

         If fish meat is not consumed regularly, walnuts should be consumed daily.

         Sugary foods such as cake, confectionery, cookies, sherbet dessert should be avoided.

         It is extremely important for diabetes patients to have their examinations and controls at regular intervals and to use the drugs recommended by the doctor regularly in terms of the treatment process.