How to Balance the Heart Chakra? How to Do Heart Chakra Meditation?
How to Balance the Heart Chakra? How to Do Heart Chakra Meditation?

Chakras, which are the body's source of energy, are located in different parts of the body. The heart chakra, the fourth of these chakras, is located among the 7 main chakras found in the human body. The heart chakra, located in the rib cage, is believed to contain emotions such as compassion, mercy, love, loyalty and sacrifice. The heart chakra also known as Anahata chakra, is the center where physical and spiritual structure meet in general. Due to experienced adversities or environmental factors, the heart chakra may become blocked or completely closed from time to time. This situation can cause an imbalance in emotional relationships such as family and friendship. So, how to balance the heart chakra, how to do heart chakra meditation?

How to Balance the Heart Chakra?

Balancing the energy of the heart chakra also strengthens the bond that people establish with themselves, especially relationships such as family and friendship. This chakra, which we can describe as the center of love, is the source of energy flowing from the eyes and hands. There are different methods to open or balance the heart chakra, which also greatly affects the artistic skills of the brain.

You can balance the energy of your heart chakra with breathing exercises at certain intervals. Breathing exercises performed in a relaxed and calm place also have positive effects on the heart chakra. One of the main reasons why the Anahata chakra is blocked is the loss of one's self-love. For this reason, being at peace with oneself and increasing one's self-love will be effective in balancing this chakra. Pass the time in nature, which is also effective on our other chakras, is also effective in balancing the heart chakra energy. For this reason, spending time in nature on certain days will help open or balance the heart chakra.

One of the most effective methods for balancing the heart chakra is to practice heart chakra meditation. When meditation is supplemented with aromatherapy, your love and compassion for yourself and others will increase.

How to Do Heart Chakra Meditation?

Heart chakra empathy is important in the growing of feelings of compassion and love. Meditation to balance the heart chakra will help you become more understanding of others by allowing yourself to develop love and trust. Heart chakra meditation, which consists of two stages, preparation and meditation, will be effective in balancing this chakra.

Preparation Phase

During the meditation preparation phase, you can sit on the floor or on a chair in a comfortable position with your spine straight, relaxing your shoulders. Bring your hands to the level of your heart and press lightly against the joints of the thumbs. Take slow and deep breaths. Get your thoughts and distractions out of your mind and focus only on the breath you take into your body.

Meditation Phase

When you feel calmed down, focus on the slight pressure of the thumbs, which puts pressure on your chest and feels the heartbeat, for 1 to 5 minutes.

Then gently release your hands and rub the palms together with gentle movements. This movement will allow your hands to warm up, allowing energy to flow.

Then close your eyes by placing your right palm in the middle of your chest and your left hand on top of the right hand. Imagine that the center of your chest, where you put your hands in this way, is filled with warm and radiant energy. Revive this energy as an emerald green light that radiates from the center of your heart to the rest of your body.

Focus on feeling this radiant energy flowing into the arms and hands and then back into the heart. Try to maintain this dream image by repeating it for 1 to 5 minutes. Feel the heart chakra energy spread throughout your entire body.

Then turn your palms on your chest outwards. Imagine the green light of love that you have been dreaming of flowing out of your palms. Feel this energy radiating to yourself and your surroundings.