Meditation for Beginners
Meditation for Beginners

Meditation has always been one of the most effective practices and allows reaching the depths of the human spirit. To cope with stress and maintain bodily health, many people seek help from the healing power of meditation. Many of those who want to meditate want to know how to get started with this practice.

For people who have not meditated before, the initial and acclimation time can be a bit of a challenge. People who first start meditation may find that their minds resist this practice for a while. Especially when you focus on meditation, you can see how your mind behaves. Doing meditation regularly at the beginning stage is an important step in getting used to it.

In general, the meditation period may seem a bit long for people who are new to meditation. Although the duration of meditation varies according to the person's preferences, short-term practices for the beginning will be more sustainable. In general, 20-minute practices for meditation are more sustainable. Limiting it to 5 minutes when you are just starting out will be healthier for later periods.

There are some important points to consider for those who will meditate for the first time. It is especially useful to pay attention to details such as posture, focus and environment. Before you start meditation, you can pay attention to the following steps.

Environmental conditions

It is of great importance that the ambient conditions where meditation is performed are suitable for you to get effective results. The fact that the environment you are in is quiet and away from stimulants contributes to the realization of meditation.

It doesn't matter if the meditation area is big or small. However, it is useful to have a quiet environment.

While preparing the ambient conditions, you can choose a corner where you feel most comfortable for meditation.

It will be healthier to choose the floor on which you will meditate among the areas where you can sit comfortably.

Things to Pay Attention to During Meditation

Many people who start to meditate may complain about the presence of distracting objects. For this reason, it is useful to choose an empty room, garden or under the tree.

Sitting position is very important to maintain a healthy meditation. Make sure you feel your pelvis as you sit.

Getting support from music during meditation is important for you to adapt more easily.

When you begin to practice, you need to focus on one word to clear your mind and focus. You can use the most preferred word “om” for this.

What You Need to Know About Meditation

Many people who want to start meditating want to learn the details ahead of time. In this way, you can make meditation seamless and uninterrupted.

It is useful to determine the duration of the meditation beforehand while practicing.

In general, one can meditate for 20 minutes. You can also choose a longer or shorter time such as 5 minutes.

Music suitable for meditation can be an effective choice in terms of emptying one's mind and focusing. You can choose especially nature sounds or instrumental music.

To get the effect you expect from meditation, you need to repeat it regularly. For this reason, you may not see the meditation achieve its purpose in one go.

Meditation is generally expressed as an inner journey. To begin with, you may have problems focusing and maintaining meditation. Therefore, repeating it regularly without giving up will make it easier to get used to.