Mindfulness Techniques
Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is being aware of what you are sensing, the state of being able to stay in the moment by accepting the experiences that occur in daily life as they are without judgment. Mindfulness, a life skill that can be developed with various practices, balances routine life. Thanks to being able to free the body and mind, it allows to make sense of uncontrolled feelings, complex thoughts and dynamic life and to live simply. A clear mind and clear perceptions enable you to control and indulge your feelings and mental fluctuations. Here are the mindfulness techniques

There are various meditation techniques to enable us to live the present as it is. By avoiding distractions with meditation, you can focus on the present moment and understand your feelings more easily in the fast pace of life. With a calmer mind, you can capture different perspectives and control the ups and downs in your emotions more easily.

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is a healing method that allows us to approach ourselves and the people around us with tolerance by understanding the experiences we encounter while trying to keep up with the fast pace of life. Making this method a routine of daily life provides many benefits in terms of physical, mental and social aspects. It helps to open perceptions and direct attention to the present moment with breathing and focusing techniques.

It is an important part of our lives to be able to connect with the world and find a place for ourselves by knowing the value of every moment, without worrying about missing out on time and life. Our past life and worries about the future can make it difficult to stay in the present moment. For this reason, the past and future that occupy the mind distract you from the present moment. In this case, you can make a habit of self-understanding and mindfulness techniques to perceive present experiences and lead a peaceful life.

Conscious Breathing Technique

The conscious breathing technique is a strategy to focus your attention on the movements and your breath in the flow, closing your in order not to be affected by environmental factors and to experience the feelings calmly. You can do conscious breathing exercise by focusing on how your breath moves from your rib cage to your belly and trying to locate it. You may also notice the cold sensation of breathing through your nose. In this way, you can connect with yourself and the places where your breath travels.

Focused Observation Technique

Focusing observation technique, one of the most effective mindfulness practices, is the most comfortable and easy mindfulness method to apply. You can organize the complex thoughts in your mind by fixing your eyes at a point you set.

When applying the technique of focused observation, you can turn your eyes to an eye-catching object and give your focus to that object alone. You can just stare at the object for a long time without having to focus on the features of the object. You can practice the technique regularly, taking a few minutes a day to explore your concentration and awareness and how you are in the moment.

The Humming Breathing Technique

Another exercise technique that allows for improvement in self-understanding and awareness is the humming breathing technique. You can practice the humming breathing technique by closing your eyes to see the darkness and taking calm and deep breaths through your nose. With the app, you can focus on feeling your breath by covering your ears with your hands. You can listen to both your voice and your breathing by humming each time you exhale. You can discover by experiencing how your mind can stay in the moment by holding your breath right after you exhale.