Recommendations for Making Meditation a Habit
Recommendations for Making Meditation a Habit

Habits are automatic behaviors that are repeated for a certain period of time in the same context. One of the things to consider when forming a habit is to repeat. If you want to make meditation a habit, you should constantly take your time and repeat. The fact that meditation can become a habit may vary according to a person's life and experiences. The habit-making process, which requires time and effort, is different in each individual.

Do Meditation in the Same Place and Time

For meditation to become a habit, it must be done in the same context all the time. Therefore, meditation behaviors at the same times of the day and in the same position can become your habit. It is possible that you adopt and maintain meditation, which is done at the same time and in the same place every day. Thanks to this, meditation turns into a comfortable and ordinary experience after a while.

Reward Yourself Up

You can reward yourself not to lose motivation. Reward is one of the strongest factors that increase the frequency of recurrence of behaviors. For this reason, feeling rewarded allows you to repeat meditation.

Observe Yourself

Observing your behavior and listening to what you need during the habitual process helps to easily understand the factors that strengthen and weaken your motivation. Determining your meditation time by listening to yourself at your own will makes you love meditation. Keeping a meditation journal to keep track of your mental fluctuations and progress in the process will help you. This causes you to understand and be motivated about daily meditation.

Focus on Motivation Sources

Meditation, which starts willingly, is more enjoyable than any other meditation experience. When you clarify what you expect from meditation, you both spend the process with more realistic expectations and know that your motivation will not be just success oriented. Relieving emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger ensures that your motivation is maintained to be able to enjoy life, understand yourself and feel good.

Make Meditation a Part of Everyday Life

Placing meditation in a place in your life during the day is important for you to get used to it. You may not hesitate to try meditation by thinking about the moments you can easily incorporate into your daily life. All these behaviors are precious experiences for meditation to become a habit. It is possible to get to know yourself by experiencing whether morning meditation is for you. At this point, you can make meditation a part of daily life by choosing the most suitable meditation time for you.

Start with Small Goals

You can apply them by setting short-term and small goals for meditation for yourself. At this point, you should take care that the goals you set are not strict. Goals that can be achieved in a short time allow us to meditate more motivatedly and easily make it a habit.

Start with Guided Meditations

We may need to be guided when doing something you are not used to. It's the same with meditation practice. If you are going to work on this for the first time or come back after a long break, you may have difficulty keeping your mind in the moment. Listening quietly to your mind, when it is not possible for you at that moment, you can advance your practice with guided meditations. It is normal to encounter emotions that have not been encountered before during meditation. When such moments are challenging, you may need guidance from a compassionate voice that guides you. Thanks to this guidance, you can easily find your way.