Sample Ketogenic Diet Lists
Sample Ketogenic Diet Lists

Is it possible to lose weight without starving? Everyone dreams of a diet that would make them lose weight without starving. That's exactly what the ketogenic diet promises. The ketogenic diet is one of those feeding patterns we've heard a lot about lately. You can find sample ketogenic diet lists and the answers to your questions in this article.

There are many types of diet lists to make you reach your ideal weight by eating according to a list. Those diet lists are shaped according to one's body and eating habits. The ketogenic diet is also one of them. The ketogenic diet is a type of diet based on low carbohydrate and high-fat consumption. Although it may sound a little strange to lose weight by consuming fat, it is possible to lose weight in this way with a ketogenic diet.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a diet program based on low-carb nutrition. In this diet, the goal is to lose weight by consuming low carbohydrates and high fat. So, why consume high levels of fat? Because it is the glucose in our body that is first burned and converted into energy when in need. Glucose is derived from carbohydrates. The body performs fat burn as the last thing when in need. In the ketogenic diet, fat burn is targeted instead of glucose.

In case of low carbohydrate consumption, the body will switch to fat-burning when it cannot reach the glucose to burn. In this way, the fat that is stored in the body will proceed to burn fat. Therefore, in the ketogenic diet, high-fat substances and low-carb foods are consumed. Protein consumption is also very important in this diet. Foods that contain protein should be included in this diet.

What Foods Are Consumed in The Ketogenic Diet?

Fat and protein-based nutrition are very important in a ketogenic diet. Fish and seafood, meat and meat products, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, low-carb vegetables, egg, butter, cheese, nuts, peanuts and walnuts, spices that will trigger fat burn, avocado, cheese, olive, and oilseeds can be consumed within the ketogenic diet program.

What Foods Are Not Consumed in The Ketogenic Diet?

In a ketogenic diet, high carbohydrates should not be consumed. Rice, pasta, bread, oats, legumes, dairy products, fruit, honey, syrup, jam, sugary foods, greasy fried foods, pastries, foods, corn and potatoes should not be consumed in the ketogenic diet.

Sample Ketogenic Diet Lists

In a ketogenic diet, your body must switch to a state called ketosis. For this purpose, it is very important to consume low carbohydrates. Here is a sample list of a ketogenic diet


·         Mushroom omelet with olive oil

·         Avocado or olive

·         Tomatoes

·         Arugula, parsley, and greens



·         Baked salmon

·         Salad with lots of greens and olive oil


·         Walnuts or almonds


·         Grilled meat

·         Boiled broccoli or cauliflower

One of the points to consider in the ketogenic diet is whether this diet is suitable for you. Due to some factors such as your metabolism or age, your body may not be suitable for this diet. In order not to affect your health while following this diet, it is best to consult a doctor or dietitian and follow a diet program while accompanied by an expert. Experts can determine the most suitable nutrients for you, allowing you to achieve healthy results from the diet.