Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting
Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

Various diets are being tried with the aim of losing weight. These diets contain lists, timings, restrictions and foods that vary according to personal habits. Intermittent fasting, which is among the diets preferred for a healthy and light life, also has a structure that can be adapted to personal eating habits. For this reason, those who lose weight with intermittent fasting diet are among the issues that have attracted attention recently.

What is Intermittent Fasting Diet?

Intermittent fasting diet is a dietary plan that is preferred to be light and healthy and can be adapted according to the routine life of the person. Intermittent fasting, which is a very popular form of diet today, is effective in losing weight and on the other hand, it provides a healthy weight loss experience. Intermittent fasting diet, which is a dietary plan that has become widespread upon the advice of professionals in the field, plays an important role in maintaining balance in the body.

The intermittent fasting diet, which aims to lose weight by fasting, focuses on the time period you consume rather than the foods you consume. Intermittent fasting hours that allow both weight loss and a healthy life are formed of fasting periods between 16/8 and 17/9. These hours can be explained as;

·         •The 16/8 diet can be applied between 16.00 in the evening and 8.00 in the morning with a fasting system.

It can also be adjusted to other versions (time interval options) of intermittent fasting diet.

In this diet, which can be easily adapted to routine life, the 5/2 technique and alternative fasting method can also be preferred. Fasting method can be determined according to personal eating habits.

When Does Intermittent Fasting Start to Lose Weight?

Intermittent fasting, called 8-hour fasting by intermittent fasting dieters, is a habitual eating method for most people. People who have difficulty adapting to the restrictions of diet charts try this dieting technique. Intermittent fasting diet, which gives effective and fast results, provides the opportunity to lose weight if it is done as a routine and patiently. With an effective intermittent fasting practice, weight can be lost in an average of 3 weeks. Intermittent fasting, in which the efficiency obtained depends on the metabolism and stamina of the person, should be made a lifestyle.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, which provides weight loss by preserving muscle tissue, has many benefits. Intermittent fasting, which is a dietary plan that is frequently used to achieve an effective result in weight loss, reduces the feeling of hunger by pacifying the desire to eat. It also reduces the risk of disease by reducing insulin resistance, which is the cause of important health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and obesity. In addition, it balances cholesterol and blood pressure by reaching normal levels. Intermittent fasting, which also finds solutions to sleep disorders, is the key to an energetic body. Intermittent fasting, which keeps the body vigorous also helps the individual to lose weight and prevent diseases.