What are Ketogenic Diet Practices?
What are Ketogenic Diet Practices?

The ketogenic diet, which has been a very popular diet recently, has many different application methods. Although each type of practice is similar to each other, they appear as different practices in general. For this reason, we have briefly compiled the types of ketogenic diet practices for you. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before applying any ketogenic diet.

Types of Ketogenic Diet Practices

Ketogenic diets are generally evaluated from a broad perspective. For this reason, we have compiled the types of ketogenic diets that stand out especially for you.

Standard Ketogenic Diet Practice

In standard ketogenic diet practices, the person is constantly on a ketogenic diet and the carbohydrates to be taken in this practice are distributed to the meals during the day. It should be said that it is a more balanced ketogenic diet compared to others.

Targeted Ketogenic Diet Practice

In the targeted ketogenic diet, the person makes the carbohydrate intake collectively at a certain time. In other words, if the amount of carbohydrate you need to take daily is determined as 30 grams, it is a practice based on consuming a large part (or all) of 30 grams in a single meal.

In this method, which is generally recommended for individuals who follow a ketogenic diet with exercise, it is appropriate to reduce carbohydrate intake after exercise. Athletes and individuals who want to have a little cheat day during the day have no problems with targeted ketogenic diet practices.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Practice

In the cyclical ketogenic diet, the person makes a ketogenic diet on certain days of the week. Other days, she returns to her normal diet. This type of diet is recommended especially in the process of getting used to the ketogenic diet and in non-compliant patients. The problem with this technique is that the body cannot adapt to ketosis and there is no serious effect in the short term.

Ketogenic Diet Practice: Experts Recommendations

Many people ask me questions about how to follow a ketogenic diet in different lifestyles. Although it is not right to classify individuals in general, we have compiled a few suggestions based on some features to answer the questions.

Ketogenic Diet for Athletes

Many athletes follow the ketogenic diet. If you are considering a ketogenic diet as an athlete, a targeted ketogenic diet with high protein content is recommended.

Ketogenic Diet for Healthy Living

Many people follow a ketogenic diet for a healthy life. The practice must have the feature of being especially long-term. If you want to follow a ketogenic diet for a healthy life and a low glycemic index, cyclic ketogenic diet is recommended.

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

The weight loss process is particularly challenging for those with insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. The ketogenic diet can help this process. If you want to make a ketogenic diet to lose weight, it is recommended to follow a standard ketogenic diet rich in medium chain fatty acids.

Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

For epilepsy, it is important for the patient to be examined by the doctor and to shape the diet according to the recommended parameters. For this reason, it is not possible to make a recommendation without checking.