What are the Meditative and Spiritual Effects of Restorative Yoga?
What are the Meditative and Spiritual Effects of Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga, which relaxes, calms and balances the body, has positive effects on the mind. The purpose of restorative yoga is to make the body, spine and mind conscious by making use of the right energy centers in the body with breathing exercises. This type of yoga, which prepares the whole body for meditation, is an important meditative experience. Restorative yoga, which is done with the help of objects such as pillows, belts, blankets, is a meditation practice to soften the tension that occurs spiritually.

The restorative form of yoga, which provides a deep awareness and a sense of oneness, allows the individual to gain a universal recognition, perception and comprehension ability. Every breathing behavior, every different posture opens the door for the individual to make sense of himself and his environment and to realize it. The individual feels that the deepening and developing thoughts are quieted and his consciousness awakens in every long posture. Since the poses are held long in this type of yoga, a high degree of relaxation of the muscles is ensured and a calm atmosphere is created. With silence and focus on consciousness, the individual witnesses the pure state of the self and continues to know and see more.

Restorative yoga can also be called mindfulness yoga. Restorative yoga allows the person to see and recognize the limits of his physical body, as well as realize that he can accept himself as he is. The effects of every meditation done with restorative yoga, which opens the door to spiritual consciousness as well as bodily awareness, are clearly felt. These effects are intertwined with each other. The meditative effects of restorative yoga, where spiritual and bodily awareness are side by side, allow us to feel the world.

The awareness that develops with restorative yoga practices affects our health holistically. These effects of restorative yoga on our body and mind; It helps to increase awareness in terms of emotional, mental, physical and environmental aspects. However, this meditation, which is started on a yoga mat, affects every aspect of our lives, enabling us to make calm, conscious and healthy decisions. Life becomes clearer thanks to decisions made consciously and with a high level of awareness. It is the self-awareness developed by restorative yoga that creates distinctive feelings and thoughts. Awareness and deep feelings arise since the developing self-consciousness feels like waking from a deep sleep.

The individual who sees rough roads and stormy weather in the routine flow of life is the only person he can trust to get away from fears, uncertainties and bad thoughts. Making sense of, recognizing, and realizing oneself is the key to cross all bumpy roads with ease and survive all stormy weather without damage.

Restorative yoga, which enables the individual to focus on oneself, to recognize, to be aware of oneself, and thus to recognize one’s environment, allows to consciously remove the tensions that occur mentally. At the same time, restorative yoga opens the door to learning to let go of negative thoughts, negative emotions and uncertainties that can lead to illness.