What is Eye Yoga? How is Eye Yoga Done?
What is Eye Yoga? How is Eye Yoga Done?

In every profession, workers intensively use their eyes for long hours, focusing on computer screens, documents, or other work tools. During this process, the eyes can get tired and stressed due to prolonged focusing and exposure to blue light. Eye yoga provides an opportunity to reduce the negative effects on eye health. Eye yoga involves working the eye muscles with precise and conscious movements, supporting circulation, and relaxing the eyes with its soothing effect.

What is Eye Yoga?

Eye yoga is a practice aimed at relieving daily stress and fatigue from the eyes, strengthening the eye muscles, and improving overall eye health. Modern habits such as computer usage, looking at mobile phones, and other screen-related activities can exert excessive strain on the eyes, leading to eye fatigue over time. Eye yoga offers a natural and effective solution to these issues.

How is Eye Yoga Done?

Eye yoga exercises encompass a set of movements that can be applied to relax, stretch, and strengthen the eye muscles. These exercises are generally simple and gentle, aiming to relax your eyes and increase energy flow. By practicing basic eye yoga movements, you can maintain the health of your eyes.

      Gently massage your eyelids using your fingertips. This massage can help relax your eye muscles and improve blood circulation.

      Gently close your eyelids and allow them to rest by softly pressing with warm palms. This can help relieve tiredness in your eyes.

      Move your eyes slowly to the right, left, up, and down. This movement can aid in stretching and strengthening your eye muscles.

      Focus on a distant point first, then shift your focus to a nearby object. This can help improve the focusing ability of your eyes.

      Simulate writing the alphabet or numbers in the air using your eyes. This can enhance the flexibility of your eye muscles.

Regular practice of eye yoga can reduce eye fatigue, improve visual clarity, and support overall eye health. However, in case of any eye discomfort or issues, it's important to consult an eye doctor. Remember, eye yoga should be practiced by the recommendations of a healthcare professional and done regularly with the correct techniques.