What is Metta Meditation?
What is Metta Meditation?

According to a popular belief, meditations are religious rituals of certain religions. But the truth is that this does not exactly always works out like this. Of course, in some religions meditation is considered a kind of ritual. There is a possibility that religion can sometimes even be used as a method of worship, but meditation comes from the past to the present as a mind-relaxing technique. In other words, meditation is a spiritual, mental, physical, and sensory method and technique that serves the purpose of enabling people to discover themselves and find goodness in themselves by taking individuals on an inner journey.

This is actually the purpose of this meditation which comes from the word “metta”, which means kindness and goodwill in the Pali language. In other words, it is actually adapted to a fiction based on kindness and goodwill. Metta meditation is a kind of technique or a method that has a structure that represents the compassion born of love. For this reason, metta meditation is actually the way to achieve a combination of love and kindness.

How Should the Metta Meditation Be Done to Be More Efficient?

Metta meditation is not a very demanding meditation in terms of how it is done. Like many other meditations, it has certain steps, and by taking these steps, kindness and love are aimed to be achieved. These steps are briefly as follows; before starting metta meditation, the individual must first find a comfortable position so that they can let themselves relax with the relaxing mood of meditation. After the individual has taken this position, which is the most comfortable for them, they should put their hands on their knees and close their eyes. Thanks to this, one will be able to be on their own.

Then the individual should think that from their heart flows true love, kindness, and compassion for themselves. Because, in metta, the priority is one's own happiness. It should be remembered that if a person cannot make themselves happy, they cannot make anyone else happy either. First, the person must have a light so that it illuminates the front of the others.

During Metta meditation, a person should repeat these words, imagining themselves saying "I will be happy, I will be fine, I will be safe, I will be peaceful." If you can grow kindness, love, compassion in your heart and make your own light brighter, then by imagining your loved ones, you can say that they should be happy, safe, peaceful, and safe. Remember that the more good wishes you make to the universe, the more you will get rewarded.

Apart from that, say the same things by imagining someone you don't feel a positive or negative feeling for, and then say them for someone you hate. Although it is very difficult at first, over time you will see that your darkness will disappear as your light grows.

Finally, wish these for all living things and open your eyes. Although you may not notice it at first, you will see that your happiness, love, and compassion increase over time.