What Is Raw Veganism? Does Raw Food Help Lose Weight?
What Is Raw Veganism? Does Raw Food Help Lose Weight?

Raw food, which is expressed as raw veganism or raw nutrition, is a diet for all vegetables and fruits in pure form.

Those who are fed with raw food do not heat or cook any vegetables or fruits they eat or consume. Raw food or raw nutrition, raw veganism is basically a way of life and becomes the philosophy of life for individuals who eat raw food. However, if you are considering starting a raw diet, you should consult your doctor and find out if you are suitable for this diet.

No Cooking / Drying Available

If you are considering integrating this way of eating into your life, first of all, it is useful to underline that it is not an easy way of eating. You should know that you cannot eat meat, consume any animal products, heat or cook any vegetables or fruits in this diet.

As the name suggests, you need to consume every food raw in this nutrition method. However, it should be noted that there are some minor nuances. You cannot cook foods in this way of eating, but there is no harm in drying these foods at temperatures not exceeding 45 degrees. In other words, even if you cannot cook it, there is no restriction on consuming food by drying it. It will be sufficient to realize that the drying process should be done at a temperature below 45 degrees only. Because the values ​​of foods die at temperatures above 45 degrees.

What Can Be Consumed in Raw Nutrition?

If you are someone who adopts the philosophy of raw nutrition, it should be underlined that you can consume all kinds of vegetables and fruits if you do not cook them. Considering how pulses should be consumed, there is no obstacle to consumption of pulses in raw nutrition and they can consume many legumes such as green lentils in their salads.

When it comes to animal products, animal products are not consumed in raw veganism. Instead, foods such as coconut milk and almond milk are consumed. Tofu is a frequently used diet for raw vegans, and vegetable oils are used as oil.

Where Raw Vegans Have Disagreements

Raw vegans generally do not have a conflict of opinion. However, there may be differences in meat consumption. For example, there are three separate groups of thought about meat. These groups are; those who do not eat meat at all, those who eat the meat raw by marinating, and those who only eat fish meat. Those who never eat meat represent a group against all animal products, those who marinate meat and eat it raw may be more moderate towards animal products, while fish eaters generally do not participate in discussions unrelated to fish.

Another debate is whether honey and pollen obtained from bees should be consumed or not. According to some raw vegans, honey and pollen obtained from bees can be consumed, while according to some vegans, they are foods that should not be consumed because they belong to the category of animal products.