What is Self-Compassion? Why Do We Need It?
What is Self-Compassion? Why Do We Need It?

In some cases, we may tend to behave critically and harshly at ourselves without realizing it at all. Sometimes, negative sentences, accusations, and judgments that we direct at ourselves may rise. Although we are not aware of such situations, our stress and tension levels may increase. Therefore, we may be faced with situations in which we do not feel well psychologically. To prevent such a situation, we need self-compassion.

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion can be defined as being compassionate, kind and understanding to oneself as well as to others, and showing compassion for oneself. Especially considering that in today's world, people constantly compare themselves to someone and are usually cruel to themselves, the concept of self-decency is one of the concepts we should focus on.

We all need self-compassion. Some of us experience this attitude in a more intense way, others experience it seldom but after all almost every person experiences this condition in their daily lives. It is possible to soften this unpleasant attitude that we have directed at ourselves with the practices of self-compassion and increase awareness.

The Relationship of Self-Compassion with Mindfulness Practices

Some people have a very high tendency to treat themselves cruelly. There could be many reasons for this. But usually, social rules, beliefs, and the ideal human image in our heads trigger these behaviors. We tend to put ourselves in certain patterns because we believe it to be true or because we have learned so. When this situation does not occur, our reactions may be harsh and negative.

Similarly, the inability to draw healthy boundaries is also a factor that can cause us to have a violent relationship with ourselves at the end of the day. Situations such as prioritizing the expectations of others or not listening to the voice of the body for the sake of the beliefs of the mind can manifest themselves when healthy personal boundaries are not set.

When these healthy limits are violated, our body also begins to ring an alarm. It is possible to realize the effects of this attitude towards ourselves with several tools. These tools can be in the form of noticing our behavior in any relationship, receiving psychotherapy, or doing group therapy work.

Why Should You Show Yourself Compassion?

In order to better understand the practice of meditation, it is necessary to take a closer look at the nature of the mind. It is necessary to consider ourselves as a factory tasked with producing thoughts and to reach the awareness that there is no limit to its thinking and thought production.

Therefore, the mind raises all kinds of thoughts and judgments unless we follow this flow and make conscious choices. Before a dream there is always a situation about the future. And your mind starts to generate thoughts and possibilities about this situation.

Of course, a very wide range of possibilities, feelings, contacts, and conversations can swirl in your head. Out of these thoughts, judgments and possibilities, the vast majority are erroneous, that is, they do not reflect reality. In addition, another task of this factory is to keep us always alert and prepared for possible dangers. In order to do this task, the mind presents us with many negative and extremely unlikely scenarios that are unlikely to happen.

For this reason, we either rewrite some situations about the past repeatedly in our minds, or we create scenarios about what we will do differently in the future, or we assign roles to the characters and make assumptions about why they do something or what they will do. Because this is basically what the mind does. In such cases, it will be possible to get out of this flow when we notice the interventions made by our mind and start keeping our distance with the products it creates.