What is Sound Meditation?
What is Sound Meditation?

At every point of our daily lives, sounds affect us. For example, many sounds affect every point of our lives whether it is the sound of our morning alarm or the sound of footsteps. It is also observed that some sounds give us peace of mind, affect us positively and improve our wellbeing. For this reason, it is also possible to create a peaceful environment using sounds during meditation and to easily get away from the unpleasant noise of the city.

There lies the harmonious way that vibrations come together in the heart of the sounds of nature while bringing us good feelings, joy, well-being, and harmony. This harmony, on the other hand, can be expressed from a philosophical point of view as the most important source of peace and the independence of the universe. However, if the vibrations cannot achieve harmony, this situation turns into a chaos of incompatible sounds, evoking negativity which can damage a person's inner peace. This negativity can reveal the thoughts in an individual's subconsciousness and drag that person into an unstable or restless mood which can damage the peace of a person's inner world.

For this reason, listening to harmonious and light sounds, especially during meditation, is a more accurate approach. As an example of these light sounds that should be listened to when meditating, you may choose sounds from nature such as the sound of rain, tree branches, and wind. Because nature has the greatest harmony, and the basis of meditation is based on nature.

Why and How Is Sound Meditation Done?

Sound meditation depends on light vibrations and is done with selected instruments focused on the problem. These instruments of various tones might be listed as gong, drums, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, and mbira. In particular, gongs are one of the sounds that are often listened to during sound meditations because they are considered to have vibrations that are compatible with the vibrations of the universe. Because at the heart of meditation, lies the goal of becoming one with the universe. When the sounds of the universe are captured at the same frequency as the vibrations of the universe, changes are felt with the beginning of a structure where inner peace and wishes come true.

The purpose of sound meditations is to try to connect you with the vibrations of the universe by integrating your brain waves with the vibrations of the instrument. Because the awareness levels of individuals who are integrated with the vibrations of the universe increase greatly, and it becomes possible to make the principle of a spiritual journey to find oneself come true.

In addition, sound meditation is among the most preferred types of meditation because it has a structure that allows individuals to relax. This is possible because individuals are sometimes stripped of reality by the sound of the sea or sometimes wind, and generally get caught up in a softer reality. This engagement marks the beginning of the spiritual adventure which is the main purpose of meditation and with the notes that reach harmonious vibrations, it represents the essence that flows into their inner peace.