What is Spiritual Meditation? How to do it?
What is Spiritual Meditation? How to do it?

Spiritual meditation is a practice based on reaching conscious awareness with a larger and deeper being than the individual self. While there are many meditation techniques used to increase spiritual awareness, meditation brings a holistic view of ourselves and the world. Spiritual meditation practice allows us to spread the benefits we get. The stronger our awareness and spirituality, the greater the desire and ability to help others benefit.

The journey to spiritual awareness through meditation is a time-consuming and grueling phase. Discipline and practice are required to achieve spiritual realization. Benefits can only be achieved at the end of the laborious process. This process, which increases conscious awareness, is very special and valuable.

How to Do Spiritual Meditation?

The first step to take in spiritual meditation is to truly know yourself. Knowing and accepting yourself with spiritual meditation and being at peace with yourself in this process of change will be the first step of meditation. Compassion for yourself will make you more compassionate towards others.

Choose a Comfortable Position

The most critical thing before starting spiritual meditation is to create a place and position where you can relax. You can start meditating in a calm and peaceful atmosphere by getting away from the crowd and noise of the city as much as possible. Spiritual meditation can get you into sleep mode quickly. Therefore, you need to be selective about the position in which you want to meditate.

Find a comfortable position for it. However, do not choose a position that will put you to sleep very comfortably and easily. You can sit on a chair with your back straight or lean against the wall. After choosing a comfortable position for yourself, close your eyes slightly.

Relax and Let Yourself Go with the Flow

Relax yourself in the second phase of spiritual meditation. Let everything flow naturally and organically. Engage as a passive spectator, allowing the meditation process to happen on its own. Let the process run on its natural course.

Accept Your Thoughts

The mind is constantly in flux and renewing itself. Many thoughts appear in our minds during the day. As long as our mind is awake, many new thoughts find their way. It is possible for new thoughts to come to our minds during meditation. Don't blame yourself for the thoughts that come into your mind while you meditate, and don't let the thoughts control you.

Focus on a Topic That Feels Good

Think about a request that makes you feel good, without letting your thoughts disturb the calm and peaceful atmosphere. It can be a phrase or a word. The subject that makes you happy can be travel, nature or something else.

Focus with Natural and Slow Breathing

Continue to keep your body calm and relaxed. In this process, you can breathe naturally and slowly. By the way, thoughts may come to your mind during meditation. Think about the subject you are focusing on without letting the thoughts control your mind. Focus on this with every breath you take.