What is the Paleo Diet? How is it applied?
What is the Paleo Diet? How is it applied?

The Paleo diet is an ancient diet method dating back thousands of years. The unprocessed diet, which was of great importance in the past, is now encountered with the paleo diet. The basis of this diet method is a list of unprocessed foods. At the same time, the paleo diet includes an active sports life and a special diet.

The Paleo diet is called by this name because it has been going on since the paleotic era. Unprocessed foods come to the fore in this diet, which has undergone some changes today. In addition, there are many types of foods that you can consume and avoid while following the paleo diet. Depending on your diet list and how you lose weight, the way you follow the paleo diet may vary.

According to this diet method, which comes from the Paleotic era, a certain application method may not be determined. At that time, some of them adopted a diet based on carbohydrate bases and animal food. For this reason, it may not be easy to determine the main diet that should be applied in the Paleo diet. But basically, the foods you can consume and abstain from during the Paleo diet are certain. Here are some of those foods;

Foods to be consumed: Fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, herbs, spices, healthy oils.

Foods to avoid: Processed foods, sweeteners, vegetable oils, sugar, soft drinks, most dairy products, legumes, artificial, margarine, and trans fats.

What to Consume Carefully on the Paleo Diet

There are some foods that those who follow the Paleo diet should pay attention to. It is useful to distinguish between the foods to be consumed and the ones to be avoided and to determine your diet list accordingly. In general, there are some foods that you should consume carefully while following the paleo diet. Below you can see the foods that you should be careful consuming during the diet.

Dark Chocolate: When buying dark chocolate, it would be better to choose products with 70% or higher cocoa content. You can take nutritious breaks with dark chocolate, which has a high cocoa content.

Paleo Diet List

There are many paleo diet lists in general. Different paleo diet lists can be created according to the foods that are free throughout the diet. Depending on the person's health status and preferences, the Paleo diet list can be revised with other foods. For those looking for a sample Paleo diet list, the option below may be ideal.


Breakfast: A piece of fruit and an egg fried in coconut oil.

Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil with a handful of nuts (your preference).

Dinner: Beef with salsa sauce and steamed vegetables


Breakfast: Bacon and eggs with a piece of fruit.

Lunch: Fried potatoes and meat prepared with healthy oils.

Dinner: A plate of salmon fried in butter and your favorite vegetables.


Breakfast: Meat with vegetables

Lunch: seasonal fresh vegetables, lettuce leaves and a meat sandwich

Dinner: Low-fat ground beef and a side of your favorite fruit


Breakfast: Fried eggs and a piece of your favorite fruit.

Lunch: A meat dish with vegetables and a handful of nuts.

Dinner: Fried chicken with vegetables


Breakfast: Eggs fried in coconut oil and seasonal vegetables

Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil with 10 almonds

Dinner: Steak with vegetables and sweet potatoes