What is the WW (Weight Watchers) Diet? How is it done?
What is the WW (Weight Watchers) Diet? How is it done?

The Weight Watchers diet is a dietary plan that is known worldwide and is one of the most popular diets today. In this type of diet, all food values ​​are determined by the point method. In this way, it is aimed to lose weight quickly and effectively according to the point system.

The WW diet, which is an abbreviation of "weight watchers", was put forward in Brooklyn. Thanks to this diet approved by experts, many people lose weight every year.

Each food consumed in this diet has a score. According to this diet, it is aimed to lose weight by staying at the lowest score. This diet program ranks first among the best weight loss diets. The WW diet is a very good alternative for those who are looking for a different and fun diet instead of the classic diets.

How is the WW Diet Applied?

The WW diet is an easier type of diet than other dietary plans. In the Weight Watchers dietary plan, you need to focus on healthy and low-rated foods. There is a score applied to almost all foods. With a diet that has 25-30 points on the daily chart, it is possible to lose around 4-6 pounds per month on average.

Each nutrient has a score in the WW diet. There are no prohibited foods in this diet type. The aim of the WW diet is to try to keep the total score of the foods we consume low. The lower the food scores consumed during the day, the higher the weight loss.

The smart point system in the WW diet system assigns points to foods based on factors such as calories, fat, protein and sugar content. Before starting the diet, a certain daily score target is set depending on age, height, gender and weight goals. The aim is to lose weight without exceeding this score in the foods consumed during the day.

The WW diet encourages the consumption of zero-point foods. In this diet, which does not restrict your favorite foods, you reach your goal by getting low points. In this diet, you can consume anything you want by keeping in mind the scoring system.

Fruits and vegetables count as zero points on this diet. It is possible to consume as much as you want from zero-rated foods. Foods high in calories and fat score higher. By consuming as little as possible from high-rated foods, you can turn to low-rated foods.

If you want to change your diet and lifestyle and lose weight slowly and effectively, you can lose weight with this diet. In this diet, besides being fun and different, it is possible for you to be motivated as a team. Another scoring in this diet type is “fitpoints”. This score is the type of score you get when you do sports and exercise.

Who Can Do This Diet?

It is very important to be healthy in order to do the WW diet. You can easily lose weight by creating a suitable and healthy nutrition program for yourself. Due to both health reasons and weight loss, diabetic patients can do this diet with peace of mind.