What is Tong Len Meditation?
What is Tong Len Meditation?

This form of meditation, expressed as Tong Len, means to ‘take and give’ in the Tibetan language. It is a form of meditation that almost all Tibetan Buddhists do every day, and since there are no religious elements related to it, it is a meditation that can be easily done by everyone without any reservations. In addition, the Tong Len is a type of meditation that gives out high and fast results.

What Happens When You Do Tong Len Meditation?

Tong Len Meditation decreases the self-centrist approaches of individuals when done correctly. It makes one understanding and compassionate for other people and living things. The prejudice of people against each other loosens, the feeling of unity and integrity increases. With this meditation, awareness is gained that many problems people experience are experienced by many more people. Because it softens the heart, allows people to be happier by ensuring that life can be enjoyed more and more.

How Should Tong Len Meditation Be Done to Have More Effect?

In Tong Len meditation, personal problems should be identified first. After that, it is necessary to sit or lie down in a comfortable position. During this time, your eyes may be half-open, but it is better to have them completely closed. After you find your comfortable position by relaxing at the same time, consider your specific problem and if this problem harms you, remember that you are not alone. Remember that there are others with similar problems in many different areas of the world who may also be suffering from similar problems. As you think of the people in front and imagine them, you will feel that you are not alone.

Imagine That You Also Destroy Their Sorrows with Breathing While Practicing Tong Len Meditation

Imagine all the problems of people, who have similar problems as you, in the form of black smoke, and imagine that a bright light is rising around your heart level, and let the black smoke in front of you, come to you with every breath you take. But do not let it accumulate in you, think that this bright light destroys every black smoke that comes to you, and continue this dream until there is no black smoke left in front of you. Let the darkness disappear.

Imagine Bringing Happiness and Help to Those in Need While Doing Tong Len Meditation

At this stage of the meditation, focus on your potential to make the living things, that you imagine, happy and share that light in your heart with the people in front of you for a while, let your light illuminate those people that you think of.

When your light fills their hearts, think about the happiness of those around you, see that their joy increases. Also, realize that your light does not decrease when you send them your light, and see that your light even increases when you share something with them. Now feel that you are happy for those people too.

If you want, expand this circle to create a larger ring and share your happiness with more people and realize that your happiness increases as you share. Remember that Tong Len's goal is to embrace everyone and be filled with compassion and tolerance.