What Type of Ketogenic Diet Should I Follow?
What Type of Ketogenic Diet Should I Follow?

The common desire of many people today is to have a more fit body. That is why many people try various diets, try to find the diet that fits the best for themselves. In this context, diets can be of many different types. However, it is important to realize that there are many various aspects of diets such as their harms, benefits, reliability, etc.

In this context, individuals might be confused and cannot be completely sure about what to do. Herein ketogenic diet is ahead of other diets in terms of all its properties, person-specific adjustability, and various other factors. Since there is more than one type of ketogenic diet, it is easier for a person to find one that suits them. 

The Classic Ketogenic Diet

In this type of diet, which is expressed as the classic ketogenic diet, the principle of complete carbohydrate restriction is adopted. Thanks to the intensive consumption of fat, this dietary style, made according to the principle of introducing the body into ketosis, can be applied to the treatment of people who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Ketogenic Diet with a Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index acts as a tool that shows the power of nutrients to raise blood sugar. In this regard, it is seen that the carbohydrate contained in foods with a low glycemic index passes slowly into the blood and also slowly raises blood sugar. People who are recommended to follow this ketogenic diet are usually beginners. But it is important to get a doctor's opinion and confirm the suitability of this type of diet.

Ketogenic Diet with a High Protein Content

The first thing that comes to mind of people who have seen or heard about the ketogenic diet is a hybrid model that combines the ketogenic diet and a high-protein diet. Because, while there was no data to show that such a ketogenic diet could be followed until the last period, it has now become considered among the types of the ketogenic diet. As a result, this diet found a place for itself in our daily lives as a type of ketogenic diet preferred by many athletes.

Ketogenic Diet with Medium-Chain Fatty Acids

A medium-chain fatty acid or in other words medium-chain triglyceride is metabolized at a rate similar to carbohydrates after the digestive process. It has a structure that tries to be converted into instant energy. Thanks to this feature, it can form direct ketones. This, in turn, facilitates the process of entering into ketosis.