What You Need to Know About Sleep Meditation
What You Need to Know About Sleep Meditation

Meditation is a very special technique aimed at relaxing the body and mind, which is a guide for the growth of positive energy that is active at the point of reaching spiritual stillness.

What is Sleep Meditation?

The sleep meditation technique is also considered to be a preferred method of falling asleep by many people today. Thanks to this method, it is possible to relax your mind and body before going to sleep. In addition, it has been observed that sleep problems are greatly reduced when this practice is made regularly.

According to the American Sleep Organization, short-term insomnia is observed in about 30 percent of adults. In 10 percent of these cases, chronic insomnia is observed. In addition, it is found that many adult individuals need to sleep 7-9 hours a day, while they sleep even less than 7 hours and cannot rest.

Every adult needs to get a good night's sleep. Because good sleep reduces the level of stress and strengthens the immune system. There are a variety of methods for establishing a quality sleep pattern. One of these methods consists of trying to be clean and keep the bedroom clean, to have a comfortable bed and having the right size of a room with the ideal temperature, to not eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, to keep the technological devices outside of the bedroom, and to not to consume stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or tea in the evening hours. To further support all these factors, to make the right choice about the place of sleep meditation is very important.

How Do You Do Sleep Meditation?

For sleep meditation to be done correctly, all the conditions necessary for your sleep must first be created. Otherwise, it is not possible to have a sufficiently functional sleep meditation because you will be distracted. There are some stages of sleep meditation and we have compiled these stages for you.

Breathing Exercises and Body Scanning

You need to isolate yourself from the environment by concentrating your awareness on your breath and watching the natural flow of the breath. In this way, your breath will slow down, and you will see that you are relaxing spiritually and physically.

As an indicator of this, you can imagine that deep and slow breaths circulate throughout your body, refreshing each of its points. In this way, you will become calmer, and your body and soul will become deeper.


Visualization is an important activity not only in sleep meditation but also in many other meditations. It is a very important exercise for a person to free themselves from daily stresses by thinking about themselves in a more spacious, more comfortable environment. With visualization exercises, you can think about yourself anywhere and anytime and breathe a sigh of relief.


With a sense of self-compassion, you can try to focus all your attention on your body, mind, feelings, and thoughts. You can review all the positivity in your life, between two breaths, and thank this positivity with gratitude. With the comfort that gratitude and inner peace give, you can fall asleep more comfortably, your stress can decrease, and your heart can calm down.