Which Incense Should Be Used While Meditating?
Which Incense Should Be Used While Meditating?

Meditation can be defined as the individual’s spiritual journey with his inner world. Meditation provides many physical or spiritual effects on people. This inner journey can sometimes be quite a challenging experience. For this reason, in order to go on this spiritual journey, sometimes factors which may be helpful can be needed.

In this respect, it would not be wrong to talk about the existence of many encouraging factors. Among these factors, incense and fragrances have a very important place. If scents are used correctly, they have a structure that can provide many benefits and relieve anxiety and concern. Therefore, using incense while meditating will make you feel good.

For example, some scents have a calming effect, while others will make you more mindful. In other words, it makes much more sense to figure out what you need while meditating and to choose a scent accordingly. For this reason, we have compiled a few scents with their benefits for you.

What Are The Incenses Used During Meditation And What Are Their Benefits?

There are many types of incenses available today. Many of these incense varieties also have different characteristics from each other. The scent of incense helps you relax and focus while meditating. You can become more adaptable and feel better while meditating with the scent of incense. While meditating, you can prepare the environment with the scent of incense you like.


Frankincense, which has a very valuable place among incense types with its calming properties, is often preferred especially for meditation and it works very well. Because frankincense is readily available both as an oil and as an incense stick, it often symbolizes peace. Also, frankincense relieves stress and anxiety and plays a huge role in conflict resolution.


Sage, which is considered very important especially in tribal cultures, carries the meaning of spiritual cleansing by shamans. According to popular beliefs, burning sage clears bad energies, drives away evil spirits, and has the ability to remove negative energy such as anger and illness. For this reason, it is among the most preferred scents when meditating.


Cinnamon, which is a fire uniter and offers the scents of passion and warmth, is an incense that can be used especially when fighting the fire element. At the same time, with its structure that triggers sexual desire, it can be lit instead of candles during intercourse or used to open the chakra related to sexuality during meditation.


Myrrh, which can be considered to be related to spiritual connections, and thus which is generally used in funerals, is preferred for healing, regeneration, promoting mindfulness and providing a better understanding of reality.


Amber is associated with knowledge and history. If one wants to discover oneself, there is a scent that is thought to assist this discovery process. In particular, it is thought that it has a role helping the person on their journey to discovering themselves.