Which Natural Stones Are Used While Meditating?
Which Natural Stones Are Used While Meditating?

Meditation, which helps to meet the need for relaxation, purification and positivity in the course of daily life, evokes a calm and serene feeling by being experienced with natural stones or crystals. When meditation is done with stones, a strong feeling and efficiency emerge. The natural stones used for meditation, which is a frequently used relaxation method, are as follows;

Amethyst Stone

Meditation is done with the amethyst stone, which is used to end both material and spiritual addictions. This stone, which is protective and high frequency is successful in protecting your subconscious, your psychic senses. Known as a sobriety stone, amethyst has positive effects on the mind and mood. This stone, which is necessary for a calm and serene mind, helps to bring positive emotions to the surface by keeping negativity away. It is a stone to be used while meditating for a vibrant mind.

Obsidian Stone

The most distinctive feature of the Obsidian stone, which is frequently preferred while meditating, is that it is the strongest stone among the protective stones. Aiding in healing and therapy, this stone can sometimes bring out difficult feelings. For this reason, it is recommended to use this stone, which gives vitality to the soul, supervised by a knowledgeable person.

Aquamarine Stone

When aquamarine is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is courage. Meditation stone, which gives a clear and calm mind when used with meditation, helps to organize scattered thoughts.

Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz, which is very helpful in balance, is successful in opening the chakras and energizing when used during meditation.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli helps develop awareness and insight. Lapis lazuli is used during yoga and meditation to deepen meditation.

Onyx Stone

Using Onyx stone while meditating gives strength to the person. This stone, which clarifies blurred thoughts and enables to separate today and tomorrow, is known for its ability to heal traumatic thoughts and events.


Jade is among the stones used during meditation. Jade is known as a symbol of peace and purity. It attracts luck, peace, harmony to life. It is known as a protective stone and helps to move away from negative energies.


Moonstone is a stone that increases intuition. Moonstone calms emotional instability and stress. It provides calmness by balancing the emotions.

Hematite Stone

Hematite stone eliminates negative feelings and thoughts caused by stress and anxiety. It is effective in cleaning the blood and supports circulation. By supporting the energy center, it will ensure the regulation of your nervous system.

How to Meditate with Natural Stones?

Meditation, which prepares the body to relax, cool down and purify, is a very natural journey. The stones and crystals used in this journey are very effective in opening the chakras. That’s why natural stones and crystals are necessary in the meditation practice that can be done by opening the chakras. Stones that support meditation by opening the chakras provide high efficiency.