Yoga Guide for Beginners
Yoga Guide for Beginners

Yoga is a philosophy with a long history. Yoga, which dates back to about 5 thousand years ago, enables you to keep the body and mind strong and fit by providing mental, physical and spiritual connection. Yoga, which has many physical and mental benefits, includes some practices. So, what is yoga? What are the benefits of yoga? Here is the yoga guide for beginners.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a preferred teaching to relax the mind and body and purify it from negative energy. Based on a very old philosophy with correct breathing and correct posture techniques, yoga provides mental and physical relaxation. Yoga is a method applied to feel happy and live a healthy life, as well as to relax physically and spiritually.

Yoga appears as an 8-step path. These steps focus on physical and mental practices such as asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, controlling the senses. Yoga helps to get rid of our worries and thoughts for a while, to calm down physically and mentally, and to stay in the moment in order to cope with stress.

Yoga teaches correct breathing and correct posture. It also helps you get rid of anxiety, worry and stress by affecting your way of thinking. With yoga, it is possible to renew your mind and body by purifying them from negative effects.

Yoga Tips for Beginners

If you are just starting out with yoga, there are some points to consider. If you are new to yoga, it is best to start with a yoga instructor in order to do the techniques correctly and prevent possible injuries. In this way, you will learn yoga techniques from the expert and prevent possible injuries and hurts.

In the first stage, you can start by getting yourself a mat for yoga. You can do yoga more accurately and healthily with a non-slip mat that will protect your body against hard floors.

It is also very important to choose comfortable clothes while doing yoga. You can choose breathable and sweat-absorbent clothes instead of clothes and accessories that will not restrict your movement area. In this way, you can do yoga movements more accurately.

While practicing yoga, it is necessary to make sure that the environment is quiet and calm. In yoga, the mind and body are purified by getting away from daily life. To create this atmosphere and create a yoga atmosphere, you can use candlelight and start exercises with easing and relaxing music suitable for yoga.

When you first start yoga, there may be tension in the muscles and difficulty in performing the movements. Doing these moves will become easier for you over time. However, if you still have pain while doing the movements and these pains continue after the yoga session, it is useful to consult a specialist. Instead of making sudden movements during yoga, you need to discover how flexible you are by getting to know your own body. In this way, you will prevent injury or pain. For this, if you have just started yoga, it is extremely important that you do the movements with a yoga instructor and get to know your body in this process.